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Discover how you can retire in two years with shared housing

Get Financial Freedom with shared housing, Change Your life Story while impacting the Community

We created our shared housing model using single-family home for people with housing insecurity.   Our model provides people with hope and the investor with extraordinary financial returns while changing your community.  Learn how you can have purpose driven investments with extraordinary financial returns.

Learn About Our Shared Housing & Education Programs

Free Introduction

We share how we created a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, funded by state and federal dollars.  You will learn how you can use our model of accredited homes to change your legacy and the lives of others.  

We Mentor You

Are you ready to take the next step?  Are you a seasoned real estate investor who wants to skip to the front of the class? Apply to learn one on one with Frank and Sherri and our team.   We mentor a small group of students in each cohort.   We will help you with your portfolio and your personal goals.  Let’s have an interview.

Our Training Classes

 If you want to learn how to find, buy or rent a single family home for a shared home to serve others, this class is for you. 

We will teach you get funded, buy or rent the right house, attract residents, talk to agencies and implement a system that we have proven. 

Frank & Sherri's Masterclass

This is an online class will show you how to turn a single family home into a shared home that makes 2X to 3X revenue.  We will teach the regulations to become accredited.   This class includes documents that you will use to start your shared housing business.  This class can be completed at your pace.  

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Learn the basics of real estate investing for shared housing:  blogs, podcast episodes and our newsletter. 

Learn From The Titans of Shared Housing

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About Learning Shared Housing From Frank & Sherri

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Meet Students Stefanie and Aaron

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Meet Students Aaron and Alayna

Kevin Harrington ("Shark Discoveries") Partnered with Frank and Sherri to Promote the Kate's House Foundation Model of Recovery Housing

Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, the funding mechanism for new homes for Kate’s House Foundation is pleased to announce that Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington (“Shark Discoveries”) have partnered with Kate’s House Foundation to be featured on cable TV networks, including print and digital promotions. Kevin Harrington is a globally respected entrepreneur, investor, and was an original Shark on the hit ABC’s series, Shark Tank.

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