Shared Housing will Change your Future

Frank and Sherri’s September 2023 Seattle Symposium and Bus Tour of our Kate’s House Foundation Homes brought 100s of our shared housing students from all over the country to see the miracle of our shared housing business model. We are making the world a better place while creating personal wealth for you.         


Would you like to change the trajectory of your future, your family and your community?

Join us for a FREE webinar! Learn how you can use real estate to be a housing provider for veterans and others in need using shared housing.

Do you want to serve your community and invest in your future?

Are your finances secure and are you ready for retirement?

Would you like to provide a legacy for your children or your grandchildren?

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world by providing safe and secure housing for those who need it the most.  They founded Kate’s House Foundation® in 2015 with the goal of helping people in the model of housing they created.  They combine the power of using single-family homes for veterans, adults, women and children, people with justice issues and people in recovery paid by government funding.

Learn how you can use a purchased or rented home and connect with the people who will provide the ideal residents for your home.  You will benefit with two to three times the normal rental rate and provide a service to your community.

We will show you how to purchase or rent the right home for shared housing, choose residents, get funded and grow your business. Best of all, you can achieve financial independence while you help your community.

Free short informational meeting

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