Della’s Place Foundation

Bo and Yannie Bodden created Della’s Place Foundation to implement our novel and compassionate model of shared housing (modeled after their coaches/mentors Frank and Sherri’s Kate’s House Foundation®) to help others who are experiencing housing insecurity.

We provide in-need Veterans and others with beautiful, safe, clean, and affordable Single-Family Home, shared housing in nice and quiet neighborhoods that are strategically chosen for their walkability and proximity to area amenities, stores, food, employment, public transit, support services and more.  Our focus is both individual and team centered…supporting each resident, while in a team and family environment. We partner with local and state agencies and organizations that help provide ongoing support for our shared family members.

Through the outstanding housing and support we provide, Della’s Place Foundation invests in people and are positively changing our Las Vegas Area Community, one person at a time. We are committed to this positive change and helping our society advance while expanding our Foundation’s reach.  We believe our Foundation, and others like it, with the help of local, state, and federal agencies, can dramatically help improve the housing insecurity and substance use disorder epidemics, justice issues, and recovery by providing safe and quality housing. We offer a helping hand to Houseless or At-Risk (Housing Insecure) Veterans: Serving those who have Served Our Country, by providing them with safe, secure, clean, comfortable, peaceful, and honorable housing.

City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country United States : US
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