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Our Mission is  to use single family homes  to give you FINANCIAL SECURITY and teach you how to become a HOUSING PROVIDER who  owns great real estate and finds funding sources with community partners.


Our Mission IS to use real estate to change your FINANCIAL SECURITY WHILE YOU BECOME A SOCIALPRENEUR


Our Mission IS to use real estate to change your FINANCIAL SECURITY WHILE YOU BECOME A SOCIALPRENEUR

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Meet The Founders

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., ignited a revolution to eradicate housing insecurity for veterans, justice-involved individuals, struggling families, people in recovery, and anyone in dire need of a safe haven. They encountered recovery housing plagued with outdated rules, such as evicting residents within 15 minutes for minor mistakes and banning prescribed medication. These conditions sparked a resolve in them: “We can do better!”

They envisioned a world where social entrepreneurs could leverage private sector dynamism to acquire single-family homes, financed by state and federal funds. Their collaboration with the Veterans Administration, Department of Corrections, local drug courts, and nonprofits supporting women and aged-out foster adults and teens spearheaded a seismic shift in neighborhood dynamics, altering the life stories of countless individuals.

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., armed with a doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Washington Medical School and authorship of groundbreaking research papers on opioids and blockers, is a trailblazer in biotech patent counseling, guiding numerous companies to public offerings or mergers.

Frank Candelario’s diverse career spans nonprofit camp management, international marketing, branding, and founding one of the pioneering Pickleball paddle companies. As a real estate broker and investor, he pairs his acumen with Sherri’s insight to transform lives through housing.

In 2015, the Candelarios recognized the urgent need to establish national standards for sober homes, having witnessed the detrimental effects of unregulated homes on people in recovery. Their mission: to introduce and propagate accreditation standards in Washington state and impart this knowledge to their students nationwide.

They offer a compelling model: transforming the rental of a typical single-family home from $2,000 to $8,000 a month, providing a sanctuary for grateful residents, with all expenses covered by state and federal funding.

Owning several million dollars’ worth of single-family homes in Seattle, Frank and Sherri, through Kate’s House Foundation, have provided a roof over the heads of over 1000 individuals in the past eight years, establishing themselves as pioneers in compassionate housing and setting a benchmark for change.

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Sherri Candelario, Ph.D, provides recommendations in legislation to the Washington state senate on recovery support services on December 1, 2022.

To make real change, that starts in the legislature. They helped form the Washington State affiliate (WAQRR) in 2017. WAQRR subscribes to national standards for sober homes created in 2011 by the national accreditation agency (NARR).

Sherri sits on the advisory board to the legislature for the State of Washington as subject matter expert on recovery support services and homes. In this role, she co-chairs a committee to propose recovery support services for people in need.

Their homes were the first Medically Assisted Treatment homes in Washington state.

They have spoken and trained people all over the country to copy their model of superior shared housing that is funded by government contracts.

They have trained 1000s of people in the US on their real estate model and are making social change, ONE HOUSE AT A TIME

Kevin Harrington ("Shark Discoveries") Partnered with Frank and Sherri to Promote the Kate's House Foundation Model of Recovery Housing

Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, the funding mechanism for new homes for Kate’s House Foundation is pleased to announce that Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington (“Shark Discoveries”) have partnered with Kate’s House Foundation to be featured on cable TV networks, including print and digital promotions. Kevin Harrington is a globally respected entrepreneur, investor, and was an original Shark on the hit ABC’s series, Shark Tank.

Kate's House Anthem

Frank Candelario wrote Kate’s House Anthem many years ago when we deliberately set out to transform recovery housing for our veterans and people in recovery. This music video features our clients from 2016 to today. We remember and honor each one of these amazing people who trusted our vision of housing.


We had the experience of a family member who suffered from substance use disorder. Despite providing some of the best and most expensive treatment options available in the country, recovery housing that followed treatment failed a dozen times.

Post-treatment, living in a recovery or sober living home is the norm. However, Sherri found that the homes were in poor neighborhoods, people would be removed if a house member didn’t like you or you didn’t do a chore. Sherri would make a payment for a monthly room fee, only to find out her daughter was no longer a resident. Treatment failed because of housing.

After 12 houses,  Sherri found a home in San Diego that was unlike the previous dozen. Respect and compassion was the housing model.

Frank and Sherri wanted to bring that vision to Seattle and make it the best housing for people in need. Frank and Sherri asked “What if we took away housing insecurity and taught the members to move up the economic ladder? Let’s make everyone learn to live together, keep a bank account, have a job and education. Let’s have in-house AA/NA Meetings. We will require zen and tranquility. 

We will not throw someone out in 15 minutes for being late to a house meeting. Kate’s House Foundation houses are unique. We created this model ourselves in 2015 based on experience and best practices. We continue to follow best practices and change with the data. Our goal is to save people’s lives.

What Our Students Say

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