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Let us teach you our shared housing models that will change your life!

Your class includes our FREE Private Networking Group

2-Day zoom training

+ 2 live Q and A sessions

Own real estate, create financial security and a legacy
for YOU with our Shared Housing Model.


Learn From The Titans of Shared Housing

We created a shared housing model that is sweeping the country and is funded by state and federal contracts. We can show you how you can have financial security with single family homes and create your legacy with shared housing.

We have good news! Single family homes are an asset class that will provide financial security for you. Our real estate portfolio of shared homes continues to increase in value, has high financial returns, we are paid by federal and agency contracts AND we are housing veterans and people in recovery. How does double to triple cash flow sound to you?

We will show you how our shared housing real estate strategy can insulate you from the stock market drops and sky rocketing inflation. Shared Housing beats the market in both good times and bad times.

Find your purpose, create your financial legacy and create your retirement for decades to come.

Kevin Harrington ("Shark Discoveries") Partnered with Frank and Sherri to Promote the Kate's House Foundation Model of Recovery Housing

Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, the funding mechanism for new homes for Kate’s House Foundation is pleased to announce that Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington (“Shark Discoveries”) have partnered with Kate’s House Foundation. Kevin Harrington is a globally respected entrepreneur, investor, and was an original Shark on the hit ABC’s series, Shark Tank.



7:30 AM PST – 3:30 PM PST

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