Visio Loan Application

1Equity Owners
2Financial & Insurance
3Property Address
4Your Information

Entity Owners

Acceptable titles for entity owners are: LLC: Member, Manager Corporation: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary or Partner General Partnership/Limited Partnership: General Partner, Limited Partner, Member, Manager

Entity Owner Details

The total percentage of all members should equal 100%. Each member will need their own separate email address. If more than four entity members exist, please notify your Broker or Account Executive of additional members and their required information. All members of the entity must be present to sign a personal guaranty at closing and are required to provide a copy of their primary ID prior to Closing.

Spousal Consent

If any of the entity members are married and the subject property or the primary residence of the member is in AK, AR, AZ, CA, ID, KS, KY, LA, MO, NC (refi only), NM, NV, OH, TX, WA, WI the member’s spouse will be required to sign a spousal consent prior to closing. *Please also be prepared to provide an ID for any spouse listed.*